Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's for Dinner? Chicken and Stock

Last night I baked an Amish Chicken from Straub's.  I first sliced onions from Dry Dock Farm's CSA and put on the bottom on my Pampered Chef deep covered baker.  Then I rolled a lemon and pierced it all over with a fork and put in the chicken cavity.  I laid the chicken on to of the onions and poured homemade organic garlic infused olive oil over the whole bird and topped with sea salt.  I put the lid on the baker set the over at 425 and roasted for an hour, the result was a moist bird that my family loved (I am a vegetarian, so I can't speak for it myself).

After dinner I removed the remaining chicken from the bone and threw the bones and drippings into my stock pot and poured in water to cover.  I brought to a boil then added organic carrots, onion and sage (from Dry Dock Farm), some white wine I had in the freezer from a bottle that wasn't finished, a few whole cloves, salt and pepper.  I reduced the heat to medium low and simmered for three hours.  I then strained the pot and put the stock in the fridge.  Today I will skim the fat off the top and pour into jars to freeze.  The next time I make soup or have a recipe that calls for stock I will reach for my freezer and pull out a high quality stock that I know exactly what went into.

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