Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Favorite Things: Sappington Farmer's Market

Sappington Farmer's Market on Watson is a great locally owned grocery store that carries many local products.  My favorite part is that they have $10 off $50 purchase every Thursday.  You can print the coupon from home or pick one up on their add in-store.  The also have a rewards program in which you can accumalate points for free products.  And they have a CSA as well, though I've not had experience with it to share with you.

From their website:

"We’re the Missouri Farmer Owned Supermarket

Sappington Farmers Market is owned by a Missouri Cooperative effort of Small Family Farmers and Rural Entrepreneurs producing food the way it should be — naturally."

Here are my top picks:
  • Store made peanut butter---yummy, it's found in the cheese case in the back of the store
  • Windcrest Dairy Farms Yogurt--we love it! from Trenton, IL, cows not given hormones or antibiotics (unless they are sick), comes in regular and Greek styles, vanilla and plain
  • Raw local honey
  • local free range eggs in paper cartons 
  • gluten free products if you need them
  • pork from Todd Geisert Farms in Washington, MO
  • local and hormone/antibiotic free chicken and beef, though I find this to be less predictable
  • Salmon from Alaska caught and brought back by local fishermen
I like a lot about this store.  In fact I am there almost every week.  What I wish they did a better job of is labeling where the produce labeled "homegrown" come from.  Are they local?  Can I research the farm to find out what their practices and philosophies are?  A lot of time I end up not buying a product because I don't have this information and it might be exactly what I am looking for.

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